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Chimney caps chimney covers and downdraft solutions

Downdraft problem?  Smoke in the house?  We have quality selection of anti downdraft chimney caps and chimney fans that work.

Eliminate Puff-backs

Chimney Caps - Covers
 Dampers & Fans
Downdraft Solutions for your fireplace & wood stove
So your house won't smell like smoke!
Gas, oil, wood, coal or corn.
Draft solutions for stoves furnaces and boilers.

Click for the AD-1 draft inducer for free standing solid fuel stoves.

click to see.....
Draft Inducers for
wood burning stoves
A guy selling bricks will tell you to extend the chimney.
A guy selling chimney caps will tell you to buy a cap. 
There are countless reasons for chimney problems, and a guy who knows how a chimney works will help you understand what you need and help choose the correct product.

Chimney Fans

Enervex, formerly Exhausto, chimney fan
Adjust the speed for the perfect draft!
Wood burning or gas, its the fireplace fix.

Weathershield chimney caps for single & double wall chimney systems
Chimney Caps

Round  replacement chimney caps for single & double wall chimney pipe.

Click a chimney cap or link to further your search.

Double flue chimney caps Masonry round chimney caps Turbines Vacustack chimney caps Single flue chimney caps Custom chimney caps

Chimney Chase
& Surround

Ultimate brick look chimney chase in a box
Real brick look ...
Chimney in a box.

Click to visit chimalators.com for stock and custom chimney damper caps
Chimney Damper
Chimney Cap Combo

Prefab Chimney Chase Caps Click to see sizes and specs for PreFab chase chimney cover Check It Out !
Custom caps too....
spark arrestor chimney caps Spark Arrestor
Chimney Caps

Chimney caps & chimney covers selection
Covering your flue properly is quite important but choosing the correct chimney cover is even more so.  Here is a high quality sampling of flue covers and downdraft products that work.  Give us a call, we will always offer our personal service and our knowledge of each caps function and performance.
Prices? Discounts? Check us out and read  Wholesale Shmolesale  in "About us". Copper Chimney Pots
Copper hip roof chimney cap... click to see sizes and other options for copper chimney caps
Hip Roof Chimney Caps
Happy People Comments and Job pictures
   Click for chimney cap installation pictures and comments

Volko Supply's Chimney cap selection of stainless steel chimney caps, custom and copper chimney caps, spark arrestor chimney caps, Exhausto chimney fans and many other specialty draft and ventilation solutions for your fireplace or wood stove.

Call us, we will be happy to help you measure, provide options & explain installation.

Call 1-800-685-8263 or e-mail us at volkosupply@yahoo.com

Chimney dampers...chimney top sealing dampers for square, rectangular & round flue liners

Original Top Sealing
Fireplace Damper

inc.  12" Round

Your source for lyemance top sealing damper products Lock top chimney dampers
Fireplace dampers
Lock Top Damper
The open and shut solution to fireplace problems.
Low-cost solutions to replace worn out throat dampers.

Click here to buy dampers online at www.volkosupply.com

Optional stainless steel or copper chimney caps available for all top sealing dampers.

Wow !!!   Round Chimney Dampers !!!
Installs "in" the flue.  Use your existing chimney cap
Will fit round masonry & clay liners.  Round single & double wall chimney pipe.  Round rigid & flexible chimney liners.

100% Stainless Steel & Lifetime Warranty !!!

Available @  www.chimneydampers.com

Click to visit chimneydampers.com for round top sealing chimney dampers

Click a link to visit draftinducers.com for.....

Fresh Air
Air Intake
Air Cleaner
Air Intake
Click to visit draftinducers.com for chimney draft solutions Click to visit draftinducers.com for duct boosters and HVAC solutions Click to visit draftinducers.com for fresh air intake for your home Click to visit draftinducers.com for combustion air intake for your furnace, boiler or HVAC system Click to visit draftinducers.com for commercial air cleaners Click to visit draftinducers.com for commercial combustion air intake

Chimney Cap Measuring
for single, double & multi flue chimney caps made easy.....
Lets climb that ladder once..... measure "everything" twice.

Chimney cap measuring for single double and multi flue chimney caps

Always measure a flue side to side, never corner to corner.

A flue may be square, rectangular, oval or round.  Measure accordingly.

Provide the inner and outer measurement to size other options such as top sealing dampers.

If the spacing between the flues is wide enough single caps may be used instead of double or multi flue caps.

If the flues are flush, recessed or it's just a "hole"... measure it's opening in the crown.

A & B  Measure to the OUTER most edge of the chimney's top.  The chimney's cement "crown".
C & D
  Measure the span or OUTER most edge of each flue or group of flues.
  Measure EVERYTHING else...spacing between the flues, the spacing to each edge of the chimney, etc.
Measure the height of the flue or highest flue in the group.

 Flue Liner -- Usually a high temperature clay (fireclay).  A round, square or rectangular sleeve lining the interior of masonry chimneys.  This is the pathway in which the "smoke" or flue gases pass through to exit into the atmosphere.
(Some chimney were constructed with no clay liner or metal pipe was used as the flue pipe.)
**Always measure a flue side to side, never corner to corner.

Chimney Crown -- Also called a "wash"... is usually a cement topping around the flues and tapered to the chimneys sides to shed water. 
(Some crowns are tapered more than others and may create a more difficult cap installation.)

single chimney caps ][ double chimney caps ][ custom chimney caps ][ round chimney caps ][ weathershield caps
spark arrestor caps ][ vacu stack chimney cap ][ turbines ][ chimney fans ][ chimney chase ][ prefab chimney caps
Lyemance chimney dampers ][ lock top chimney dampers ][ chim a lator damper caps ][ round chimney dampers
firewood info ][ chimney 101 ][ downdraft info


Volko Chimney Caps...we ain't just caps. 
Got a list?  E-mail or fax it for a quote.

Shipping is from our location or direct from the manufacturer, whichever location is most economical.
You get your cap quickly and easily, usually within a few days. 
Even customs!

Call 1-800-685-8263 to ask about our chimney caps or e-mail us at volkosupply@yahoo.com

LOST... Black rusty chimney top. Last seen before wind storm. Please call 1 800 685 8263 with any info


Looking for chimney caps to cure a downdraft problem??...

Click the links below for some tips and explanations....

CHIMNEYS 101  Understand how a chimney works, and sometimes why it won't.      
FIREWOOD     Know your wood... firewood do's and don'ts.        

Go toDowndraft & Wind Loading Explanations.

      Go toSpark Arrestor Explanations.



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